23 May 2012


Billy and I have been working on a little diet. It is many just eating healthy and watching portion sizes (and cutting out the ever lovely milkshakes, at least during the week. I need to learn control somehow). I have been learning things about myself through this all that I never knew before. I can see a little more clearly how I deal with stress and unpleasant things in life.

One night after a long meeting, we ended on a note that was a little upsetting. I slunk into the house, put my pj's on and searched the house for something unhealthy to munch on. I didn't crave it. I didn't even care if it was very yummy. I just wanted to sit and watch something on Netflix and eat.

Not very smart. But I did it anyway and you know, I didn't feel any better.

Then, a few days later, after a long day with Millie (whom I love dearly but is very exhausting) I had a choice: do the same, unsatisfying thing by eating a spoonful of Nutella and watching yet another meaningless TV show OR go running with my friend.

So running I went.

And happy I became. I was tired but the endorphin's kicked in and, along with enjoying the night air and good conversation, I came home happy and tired yet relaxed.

So it got me thinking, what is it that really helps me deal with stress or anxiety or frustration? Not the binge eating and the TV addiction. No, for me it is running, stepping out in the garden and weeding or watering or simply admiring the beauties of nature. I enjoy talking to people who are supportive and interesting and who listen. Sure I like a good veg session with my favorite TV shows and I LOVE good food. But those don't really help me cope.

It only took me 26 years to figure out but that's better than never, right?

How do you cope with the demands of life?

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