24 May 2012

Gratitude Journal

Last year I started to keep a sort of gratitude journal. It came after a counselor advised me to begin a journal to keep track of panic attacks/ episodes of severe depression to try to find the origin of those issues, but that just sounded so depressing (which was the point, I guess). So I half took his advice and began a gratitude journal instead. A few nights ago I found it in the rubble of my room and decided to share a few pages from it:

I fell in love with the sentiments I shared in that journal, and decided to start another one for this new chapter in my life. I'm not ready to share the inside yet, but here is the outside of it:

"Let the beauty we love be what we do." -Rumi

I love it. The journal itself was $1.50 at Michael's, the gold letter stickers were about $5. I also grabbed a Smash Stick to make documenting easier (pen on one side, glue stick on the other).

I have filled a few pages so far using instagram picture and a few scrapbooking papers, again from Michael's. It's just so fun. *Note: I print my instagram pictures using this tutorial.

Scrapbooking/journaling inspiration: Dear Lizzy / A Beautiful Mess


Kaylynne said...

I suck so bad at journaling consistently.
I've even tried a gratitude journal (I found it to be harder than it sounded - but then...maybe that's a sign that I really need to better learn how to be thankful :p)

I do like the idea of a gratitude journal and think that everyone should keep one (it would make everyone nicer I think :p).

Your new one looks very awesome!

Side note (unrelated) - I LOVE Smash journals (right now I've got one that I'm keeping as a kind of pseudo-scrapbook).

Allie said...

Sweet! Yeah, I think I'm kind of treating this sort of like a Smash Journal. I almost bought one the other day, but it was just so big, and I like this smaller one so I can tote it around with me. So I guess it's a cross between a Smash and gratitude journal. Or a whatever journal.