Meet the Bloggers

Hello! I am Alicia Fish. I am a wife and soon to be mother, living in a colorful little home in Eagle Mountain, Utah. I am a perpetual multitasker and am terrible at it. I buy too many books but I justify it by using them not only to read but as d├ęcor. About a month before I graduated from Utah State University, I finally admitted to myself that I had no idea what I really wanted to do with the degree I had worked so hard for. I still don’t know. What I do know is that I love to write about and take pictures of the world around me and my experiences. I post most of them on my blog Darling Duckie. My ideas, feelings, and understanding of what it means to be a woman is ever changing and adapting. I fully expect this discovery process to continue and that it will expand my appreciation not only for myself and what it means for me to be a woman, but also for the other women and men who believe in the divinity of women and their essential role in the world. And I am terribly excited to hear about others experiences and share my own!

photo by ashley karras


I am Allison! I study family science and english, and briefly studied theatre and playwriting in the past. Creating is my happiness. In 2009, I conceptualized and compiled the We Are Women book with the help of about 40 women worldwide. All proceeds from the book go to the Campaign to End Fistula. Outside of the project, you can also find me at: an apple a day (personal blog); holly in the tree house doing yoga (guest post); kindred spirits and i (guest post). I am also a musician (here and here).
photo by gary barnes