02 June 2011


"Who do you want to become over the next 1.5 years?" was essentially the most terrifying question I could be asked. Amidst inner turmoil-- longing to have just a moment alone and feeling anxious from the strict schedule and high standards expected of me-- I could not think even a minute ahead, let alone 1.5 years. I ignored the question and busied myself with anything else I could find.

Four months later, the same question was posed. I started fidgeting, averting my gaze, staring into my lap, then began to consider how uncomfortable this question really was. Not very. A lot had happened in the last four months, and I was still going.

I had been able to handle tornado warnings, sand bagging flood-threatened homes, walking in snow, walking in heat, gaining a greater understanding of the pain of adultery, alcoholism, drug use, and dishonesty. I have seen families flourish, and I have seen families fall apart. Tears of broken women have stained my shoulders. Fear for others has gripped at my heart.

And yet, I'm still here. I'm still going. I never could have imagined all that I have faced in these last few months. There is no textbook that says "Here's what to expect when you go out to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others," and anything that came close scared me out of my whits. But I can do more than I thought I could, and there is no better feeling.

We are women of infinite strength.
Who are you becoming?

P.S. Any thoughts on how to overcome exhaustion?

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elidapope said...

I love it! You are great strength for everyone you come in contact with. One way to overcome exhaustion and get energized, is by going on a nice long run :)