02 June 2011

I Should Know Better By Now

I have a beautiful baby girl.
I have a creative, inspiring, tender husband.
I live in a colorful, happy home.
I have talents that I am discovering and developing.
I have organized friends into a book club so we can read and talk, two things I love dearly.
I live near friends and family who shower me with love and support.
I believe in a Father in Heaven who knows me personally and loves me.

And yet I still spend too much time feeling ashamed of how I look.
And worrying about what others think about me and how I look.

I should know better by now but apparently I don't.

I read this post today.
It's a part of a series.

"Real beauty is the confidence that comes with knowing that you are the only you, embracing that unique you, andsharing you with the world.

A few months ago I decided to stop comparing myself to what I was "supposed" to be, and just decided to be me, and I found my real beauty." (Nina from MammaGoRound)

I felt that I could find my beauty.
The beauty that is seen and the beauty that is unseen.
It's there.
It always has been.
I just need to find it and nourish it until I feel it in every part of who I am.

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Stacey Sargent said...

seriously, Alicia, you are amazing. I loved this post so much. We do need to realize our own beauty and share it with the world. Thank you!