29 May 2012

gardening, part 2

A couple days ago, Alicia shared her love of gardening. Today I want to share my love of gardening. Except when I say "love of gardening," I really mean "I try, but everything I put into the ground dies." But I did plant a fig tree a few weeks ago, and so far, she is doing alright, despite the fact that I forgot to water her as the summertime heat arrived.

Look past the cat, past the planters, to a black bucket. Then that tiny stick poking up beside/behind it. That's my fig tree! (The rest of the garden belongs to my father. And behind me is my brother's garden. I think the green thumb only extends to the men of the family).

This is "figgy" a couple weeks ago, looking fresh and well with a handful of leaves. When I purchased her from a nursery, she was just a stick!

I may not be a master gardener, but I love nature. I love the bursts of green in the backyard of my childhood home. I love the fruit trees that grow there, the ground covering that eats everything up, the planters that my dad built himself, and the newest garden that my brother has so faithfully built from nothing. I love the crisp springtime air, and the warmth of the summertime sunshine on my arms.

And here's hoping that figgy makes it through the season alive.

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