26 March 2010

C Jane on Womanhood

"I know the women who came before me made sacrifices, fought battles and picked hard choices. I know they were led by the same inner voice I hear today, the voice of a loving God who champions his daughters, gives them hope in all things if they seek it, and looks after them even in the darkest of places. It is uncomprehending to know just how powerful he made us. Sometimes I get a glimpse, and it sends me reeling for days."

-Courtney Jane Kendrick.
Read the whole thing here.

[Note: This is not connected with the We Are Women Project,
but it was beautifully written, and I think you will absolutely love reading it.]

13 March 2010


Reminder: We're still accepting
photograph submissions
the month of March.

Submitted by Celine Coenen.

10 March 2010

"This creative process is riddled with disappointments and frustrations. There are setbacks. There are mistakes. It is all part of the process. Creation is a sweaty, risky business. We engage in the glorious struggle because at the moment of achievement we find ourselves most like our Father. We see the thing we have created and bask in its goodness."
-Whitney Hardie, from her essay "We are Women of Creation."

08 March 2010

We are...

...Women of Compassion: Melanie Burk.

...Women of Purpose: Susan Hayward.


...Women of Passion: Kylie Marquis.

...Women of Influence: Sara Vranes.

...Women of Wisdom: Reachel Bagley.

...Women of Creation: Whitney Hardie.

04 March 2010

An Update from Haiti:

Amelia and Justin Lyon are Southern Californian photographers. Justin served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the 90's in Haiti. Being thus fluent in Haitian Creole, he volunteered to go to Haiti to act as a translator post-earthquake.

Here is his account of his 2 1/2 weeks in Haiti.

The spirit of the Haitians is inspiring. Look at their faces. Look at the strong women of all ages depicted in his account, who smile despite their incomprehensible loss. I hope all of you have had a chance to give to the Haitians, whether it be in funds or prayers. There is progress, and it is evident in Lyon's account.

Have a happy day!
"Passion is what separates us, as individuals, from the masses. It is the ability to feel those emotions that call us to action! It is passion that drives us to do what we do."

-Kylie Marquis, from her essay, 'We are Women of Passion.'

01 March 2010

The Young Women's Self Defense Initiative

I am guilty of preferring ignorance to activism on many issues that don't immediately hit home to me. I simply do not like to dwell on the bad parts of this world. Of course, I do believe in the power of the individual (which is why I started the We Are Women Project). Please forgive me, though, for not becoming educated and passionate about every issue out there. I do what I can.

Above, women at Brigham Young University responding to the closing of the Womens Research Institute.
Submitted by Sara Vranes.


Fortunately, there are some people endowed with a natural gift for spotting injustice and finding solutions to correct the problem. One such person is Miss Kendall Sallay, who has been a dear friend of mine for many years.

Many of you have heard about Chelsea King, a 17-year-old from San Diego, California who disappeared from a park while on a run. At the time I am writing this, a registered sex offender has been arrested on suspicion of the rape and murder of this girl. While a body has not been found yet, convincing evidence points to this man. The fact that this is even happening, regardless of the result, is a tragedy for the community.

Kendall has written "The Young Women's Self Defense Initiative" with the hopes of establishing female-only self defense classes in California high schools. The class could be used to complete the physical education requirement and, I believe, would be significantly more practical. This could save the lives of countless women in the future.

Read the document and sign the petition here.

While this is not immediately connected to the We Are Women Project, I support it completely and believe that the Initiative holds true to everything this project stands for. If the program proves successful in California high schools, it could very well become a nationwide program.

Please spread the word. This is so, so important.


Photograph Submissions:

We are once again asking for photographs!

  • The photograph must be black and white.
  • It can be from any time period! Feel free to submit old family photos.
  • You must have permission from the individual(s) in the photograph, as their faces will appear in the book (if the photograph is accepted).
  • If you did not take the picture, please provide the name of the photographer who did.
  • The photograph should be uplifting and reflect the divinity in womanhood.
Please leave any questions you have on the comment section of this post.

E-mail applicable photographs to allisonabarnes@gmail.com !

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support of this project! I have seen your photos, I have read the essays, and once this is complete, it will be magic.