28 February 2010

Submitted by Tess Fontanetti,
A photograph of her mother graduating from high school.
A couple months prior to this, her mother had been baptized into
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

26 February 2010

"Now what was once just a portion of my life has become a life-long pursuit towards one of the most important things in life- helping women to see their beauty, their strength, and the need for them to share this knowledge with others. We influence women everyday, whether we feel we are doing so or not. We influence men everyday, whether we know it or not."

-Sara Vranes, from her essay 'We are Women of Influence.'

25 February 2010

Submitted by Christine Armbruster

24 February 2010

Photo by Katy Ives

22 February 2010

As you can see, this is the new page for the We Are Women Project. Already, we've had around 50 photographs submitted (30 of which were chosen) to be included in the book. We also have a handful of women writing short essays for the project on aspects of womanhood.

Updates and previews of the project will be posted on this page. We will also begin accepting photographs again during the month of March, so come back next week for information about that.

Thank you for all that you have done to contribute to this project. That even includes reading this blog post. You are making this possible. Thank you!

Heidi Clark,
Photographed by Kelsie Moore

Submitted by Allison Barnes

Submitted by Brittany Percifield