13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

In fall 2009 my then-boyfriend and I broke up. Honestly, it was about time. We were no good together. But it was still hard, and my mom knew that. Just days after the breakup she was on a plane to Utah to spend the weekend with me. I remember the peace of staying in the hotel room with her. I was so quiet at first, so reserved, but she was patient with me and loved me even when I felt so broken. I was signed up for a 5k that Saturday, and she even woke up early to cheer me on at the finish line (see above picture). (And trust me, I'm not much of a runner so there really wasn't much to see there, but it really meant so much that she came). She put her entire focus on me for those few days when I needed her the most. I am so grateful for that, and for the continued love that she always, always gives me.

Happy Mother's Day, mama! I love you!

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