09 May 2012

Free Download: Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Mom,

If you are reading this, stop! Close your eyes! Ignore this post!

Dear Readers,

If you are anything like me, you've thought a lot about Mother's Day, but haven't decided on a particular gift for your mother yet. Well, you are in luck! (As am I!)

The Lovely Michelle of Loving Life Designs has designed a beautiful Mother's Day card for the We Are Women blog. I love it. It is simple, feminine, and the perfect size, 4"x6". You can print it into a folded card or, as Michelle suggests, print is as a flat card.

Thank you so much, Michelle! Readers, we hope you enjoy this free download and put it to good use! And Mothers, we hope you have a wonderful weekend! You deserve it!

How I used it:

(Cards for my mother, maternal grandmother, and maternal great-grandmother)

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