02 January 2012

"I Am" Photo Request!

To begin the 2012 year, we want to make a request for "I Am" photos! We want to hear from anyone and everyone. You can submit more than one (although there is no guarantee that all will be posted, but at least one from each submitter will be posted), and if you want to, you can even to "You Are" photos for the women you love, or "We Are" to include anyone/everyone!

How To:

Using a photo editing program such as picnik.com (free, and used below), 
or any default or downloaded program on your computer, etc.,
create something to echo your "I am" sentiment.



When you have created your masterpiece, 
e-mail it to allisonabarnes@gmail.com 
(or if you are friends with Allison or Alicia on facebook, you can send it there. We're not too picky).

In the next few weeks, we will be posting these on the blog for all to enjoy.

What do you love about yourself? 
What are some divine qualities that you hold dear? 
It's time to celebrate those qualities now!


Pam said...

sent you an email... it said you wont be able to check it til July or 2012... any other suggestions?

Allie said...

oops, don't worry about it! i'll change it :) thanks!