19 August 2011

Learning that I am an 8 cow wife.

Sister T is from the islands, and contrary to popular belief (read: from my prior knowledge of island life from this short movie, Johnny Lingo), there are no cows on her island. Still, after 18 months of living in Tennessee, she is astounded when she sees a single cow, let alone a pasture full of them (see below).

We watched this tonight, and while she got a huge laugh out of how ridiculous it is (and drooled a little when she saw the ocean), I discovered how beautiful this movie is. It rang more true to me now than ever before. Perhaps its the southern-weight-gain, or the eternal exhaustion, but sometimes I just need to remind myself a little more diligently that I am a beautiful woman-- that I am, indeed, an 8-cow-(future)-wife.


kyliebrooke|s said...

allison, you ARE a beautiful and inspiring woman!

Carmichaels said...

When you get home, you should check out the newer movie. I love it.
And, you are pretty awesome, Sis Barnes! ...Maybe even TEN cow-awesome!