05 May 2011

Inspiration for Mother's Day

With Mother's Day on Sunday and with a newborn child sleeping peacefully in our room, I have been thinking a lot of women and mothers; what it means to be a mother, to have a mother, and to be surrounded by women who teach me and inspire me. I am blessed to have amazing women all around me (family, friends, neighbors, leaders, and other bloggers).

Today, I wanted to share some articles, essays, books, and links that inspire me! They give me goosebumps and make me proud to be a woman and a mama. And even if you aren't a mother, as it is commonly defined, I hope you still take a look at these things. "The true definition of a mother is a woman who teaches, inspires, nurtures and loves those she comes into contact with"(Motherhood Matters). I really believe that. So, without further ado...

~Did you know? One of our local news stations, KSL, has created a site dedicated to helping women feel empowered by motherhood. Here is a little of what they have to say on the subject matter:

"More than just a stage of life marked by the presence of children, we are celebrating motherhood as a way of life that empowers our best selves... Popular culture promises that by recognizing and focusing on our own needs, we will find empowerment. In reality it creates a culture of comparison, distraction and discontent, none of which lead to empowerment. The act of mothering … caring for, teaching, and nurturing, has just the opposite effect. It emboldens us with confidence, contentment and purpose."

Amen to that!

Go. See more of what they have to say. It will make you proud to be a woman!

~Choosing Motherhood. This is a collection of essays complied by the lovely Lia Suttner Collings from women who made a conscious choice to be mothers. They are woman who left promising careers and personal aspirations to bring children into the world, to teach them and care for them, and inspired them. Here is a little excerpt that makes my eyes water and my soul scream in agreement!

"I finally laid down the book with a feeling of reverent awe. 'Who wouldn't want to be a mom?' I wondered. A career in motherhood had its elements of drudgery, but so did any other. What other career could claim as its end product the elevation of a human soul? Not just the enlightening of a mind or the development of a body, but the improvement of every aspect of a vibrant child of God? I, at least, wanted to be a mother because I believed, with President Harold B. Lee, that the most important work I would ever do would be within the walls of my own home. I chose to be a mother because I wanted to teach souls to fly"(pg 36).

Goosebumps, every time. You can also read an interview with Lia here. It makes me want to be a mother like her.

~ Even before I was ready to be a mother myself, I read this essay and felt proud of what I would one day become. Beautiful words by a beautiful woman.

~Courtney of C Jane Enjoy It always has fantastic essays about being women and mothers. This essay and this essay are just a couple of examples!

~And last but not least, how can I not say anything about the book that inspired this blog, us writers, and the project to remind women of their own importance, divinity, and influence. We Are Woman. Rereading the essays this morning, I feel a sense of empowerment and a desire to be a better woman. And, if I may, a quote from the book, from the essay We Are Woman of Purpose by Susan Hayward:

"True, I am not rich or famous. However, I have the opportunity to influence how the next generation turns out in the most intimate way possible. I am Someone Important. I am a parent."

There you have it. Some things to help remind you of how important you are, as a mother and as a woman. I hope you feel how special you are as a woman, mother, daughter, and individual. I hope you remember the great gifts you have and the potential for good that you possess. And I hope you remember, on this Mother's Day weekend, the women who have helped shape you into that woman you are today.

We love you! Happy Mother's Day!

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