30 May 2013

New Project / Free Download: "Everything" + Lullabies

In 2012, upon hearing that my friend's sister and her husband suffered a miscarriage, words began pouring into my mind and within an hour, "Everything" was written. A year later, they asked if they could share the song with other families who have lost a child. I re-recorded "Everything" along with two other lullabies I had previously arranged, and am now releasing that as a free download. Please feel free to share it, as that is it's purpose-- to hopefully bring comfort to families who are grieving.

I, Allison Barnes, arranged and recorded "All the Pretty Little Horses" and "Hush Little Baby." I also wrote an additional ending to "Hush Little Baby."

"Everything" was written and sung by me, Allison Barnes, with guitar by David Rose.

Download the album here.

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