22 April 2012

To be whole:

Last night I had an amazing conversation and I wanted to share some of it with you. The woman I was speaking with had been married for about 20 years to (what sounds like) a compulsive liar. It was a draining relationship for her, but she is so happy now. She is free and learning to love the world around her again.

I then shared some of my own story with her, some of what I have been working through lately. She then said "Someday you will find a man who will love you no matter what. Even when you are having an 'off' day, he will still see you as whole."


What a beautiful thought. Here is a woman who has had her heart betrayed so terribly, but she still has hope. There is someone out there for everyone, and in the meantime, we can keep learning and growing from the relationships that don't quite work out.

Side note: don't rush into things. I think she would have wanted me to say that as well. Trust me, this woman knows her stuff.

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