27 April 2012

Preschool and Motherhood

I am not a mother. Not yet. No where close. And that's completely fine by me. Because right now, I have something close, and that is pretty darn cool.

Last week I started working at a preschool. Just helping out, shuffling through the different classes so the teachers could go on breaks throughout the morning. It started as more of a favor- some of the staff are family friends, and I like helping people out. My responsibilities are pretty light, too: I'm basically getting paid to push kids on the swing set, and make sure they don't die.

But as the days go on, I seem to understand a little bit more why motherhood is so beautiful.
And weird. But mostly beautiful.

The other say as I was pushing a little girl on a swing, she started singing a song about how great "Ms. Allie" is. My heart just about melted.

Random little kids come and give me hugs when they see me coming. They wrap their little arms around my hips, look up, and give me these huge magical smiles. They radiate. I love it.

And who knew knock-knock jokes were so funny? Or maybe it's just how cute the 4-year-olds look when they're telling them. Either way, they steal my heart every time.

On a similar note, check out these sweet love notes from a soon-to-be big brother to his yet-to-be-born baby sister.

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