14 March 2012

women's history month

Did you know it is Women’s History month? March always is and I always forget. This year, I did not forget. I remembered and then life got busy and I forgot what I had remembered. Silly me.

Isn’t it fantastic that there is a month that is dedicated to looking at the women who have influenced us as a society and as individuals? There are so many women, well-known and obscure, that have shaped each of us. It makes me proud of my heritage and of my womanhood.

For book club we are reading I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. I am so amazed and impressed with women like Dr. Angelou who have made their place in a world that treated them so terribly. She has used her talents of writing to make a positive contribution to this world. While trying to learn more about her, I came across this video where she spoke of the power of the words that we speak and hear and accept. Until now I have known so little about this striking and remarkable woman and I am so happy to be getting to know her a little bit. (You can see some other great videos of her here and here.)

I think too often we find ourselves surrounded by women in society and culture that have forgotten their divinity and the power of influence they hold. But there are so many that have not forgotten and have used their experiences and talents and passions for good.

Who are the women that have shaped you?

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