02 March 2012

Learning from your fellow-bloggers:

One of the many reasons I love blogs is because you can learn so much! About anything! Here are some bloggers who have talked about their favorite makeup products:

The Alison Show: The BEST Drugstore Lipsticks
(She even bought a bunch and tested them out. She's pro.)

Mormon in Manhattan: mascara posts here, here, and here.

A Beautiful Mess: How to Style Mod Eyeliner, and tons of hairstyles.

Rockstar Diaries: Lipstick.

Lyndsay & the Johnsons: In the Bag.

...then there are the ladies who have amazing senses of style, like Stacey and Emily. Too good.

I have barely seen the tip of the iceberg of makeup/fashion blogs, so now I'm coming to you, dear reader. What are some of your favorite style resources?

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