24 February 2012

What will you give?

What can I do when I am not financially able 
to donate to a good cause?

That thought crossed my mind a billion times when I came across the website Running with Lisa, dedicated to a beautiful, radiant mother-of-four who is currently battling a brain tumor. They were able to remove half of the tumor through surgery (sucking dry their once-reliable savings account), but now face the coming weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. Four days of a prescribed medication cost over $1000! I can't even imagine. That, plus four kids, running a home while her husband goes to work, and praying for the treatments to show results... Goodness. What a woman! And still, she glows.

There are countless families in similar situations, needing so much, and having so little. And in return, there are countless individuals like me who want to give everything to the cause, but realistically can't do that.

Maybe for the next couple weeks, I will to run at least a little bit, everyday, for Lisa. Maybe I will be a little more conscious in my life, a little more grateful, for Lisa. Maybe I will smile at a stranger, hug a friend, or write a love note, for Lisa.

And maybe I'll be able to set aside a few dollars for the cause, as well.

What are you willing to give for a good cause?

*For more ideas of how to serve others, check out This Mama Makes Stuff, particularly her section on giving. A lot of the ideas involve her kids as well. Family involvement? Even better.

Update: Information is now posted for the 5k Fun Run for Lisa, which will take place on April 21, 2012 at 9am in Midway, Utah. The prices are very reasonable, and of course, go toward a wonderful cause. There is also a pancake breakfast (free for runners, $5 for others), and they're also looking for volunteers to help with the race. This is a great opportunity to serve.

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