29 February 2012

A post about dating, with a mention of my menstrual cycle.

Over the last month, I have decided to be more social, and surprisingly, I have stayed true to that goal. That's right. Forcing myself out of the house. Being around other people. Doing stuff. You know, like all the normal 20-something's out there are doing. Socializing. And I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit, which is a huge plus.

Which brings me to a CliffNotes version of my recent rather odd dating ventures (or lack thereof):

Part 1: The handsome but deceivingly youthful 41-year-old man who asked for my phone number. Tall-dark-and-handsome, but just a smidge too old for me. And when I say "smidge," I mean a firm decade too old.

Part 2: Then came my declaration to control my own destiny! Spend time with who I want to spend time with! To not limit myself to a man who could technically be my father (in a teen-pregnancy sort of situation). Why wait for someone to make a move when I could just initiate that friendship myself?

Part 3: Just for fun, (and in a thrill of feminist-style whimsy), I ask an acquaintance if he'd like to join me for in-n-out burgers the next night, to which he awkwardly and unenthusiastically agrees to. Turns out he has his eye on one specific girl, but doesn't want to seriously date anyone (?), mumbles some other stuff, then I promptly cancel the date. He may be looking for marriage, but I am definitely not. Therefore, our friendship was just slaughtered before it even started. Bummer.

Part 4: I wake up the next morning feeling low. The "can't get out of bed" kind of low. Just blah. Then I re-call the night before and I feel a slight blow to my confidence.

Part 5: I started my period! Legitimate explanation for the morning lows!

Part 6: That night, I get asked out on a date by a cute guy. Confidence back up!

That's where I'm at right now. I wish I could have had that illustrated, like a children's book. It may have made it more thrilling for the reader.

P.S. The 41-year-old man who looks like he's only 30 (most likely due to his tall-dark-and-handsome foreigner genes)? Rumor has it that he's looking for a young wife to give him bunches of kiddies (most likely due to his tall-dark-and-handsome foreigner customs). Deal breaker. No, thank you.


kyliebrooke|s said...

i love this post and dating is a weirdo adventure.

Lai Yen Yi said...

wow, what a adventurous dating...