05 December 2011

inspiring me today

Are you loving this season? I always hate how fast it seems to flit on by. Here are some things that are helping me to remember to make the most of it and to love the things that really matter most.

Happy Holidays!

A marvelous Christmas Mix by Marilyn of Passionista!

Sarah of Sarah Jane Studios (she's an illustrator and designs fabric... how cool is that?) posted her Christmas children's book advent last year and I love it. You don't even have to own all the books. You can get some library books, wrap them up (make sure you open them before they are due, of course), read them together, then return. She's a clever one, that Sarah.

I have loved this idea from Danyelle of dandee and I think we are going to try to use it this year with Millie (even though she is nine months old and couldn't careless one way or the other). Want. Need. Wear. Read. (You can read how they got started here.)

This video is so inspiring. The song is from Hue and Hum i.e. Caitlin and Robbie Connolly's Christmas album (that you can buy here). Caitlin is showing how she did the album artwork. Those two. Man. They make me want to create something all my own. (via here)

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