21 December 2011

Christmas Time

We have been down and out here at the Fish residence. Well... I have been down and out and Billy has been taking care of everything, including working all week and most of the weekend, coming home to keep me alive, taking care of the child, and keeping the house clean. After what I thought would be a easy surgery and quick recovery, we finally went to the Instacare to get antibiotics, and pump me full of fluid and pain medicine. I am feel much better and have been trying to get that darn Christmas Spirit back and seems to have gotten scared away by all the throwing up and terrible pain.

But now that I write that, I think there has been a lot of Christmas Spirit roaming our house, just not the way it usually is. While I was too sick to take care of my normal duties, friends and family brought over hoards of food, took care of our teething feisty crawler, decorated for the Christmas party that I was suppose to decorate, and help me get some Christmas shopping done. So much charity and love.

Thank Heavens for true Christmas Spirit.

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