17 October 2011

Thoughts on a Monday

Today I am up for a post. I have some ideas of what to write about but to be honest with you, this week has been a bit draining for many reasons. One of those reason is a new responsibility I have been asked to take on at church. It will be a big change and a new experience for me and to be completely honest, I have been feeling a little... intimidated. But I know that I can do it. And I know that it will push me and pull me and make me stretch.

So, until I actually get something written, here are a few essays and articles that have impressed me as of late.

Did you hear about the three women who won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2011? It was awarded to them for their work for gender equality, peace, and democracy.

Though I personally have not experienced it, Reachel's essay on her journey through infertility touched my heart. AND they just found out that they have permission to adopt their foster child Coco. Oh happy day!

Some people wonder why get an education if you are just going to "waste" it by staying home with your children. While there are many reasons why I feel passionately that it is important for everyone to get as much education as possible, I believe it greatly affects our children and their future. This article reaffirmed that belief.

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