03 October 2011

"run and not be weary" part 2

One summer day I decided to run a 5k-- a 5k that started at 9am, when the sun was fully committed to being as bright and warm as it could be. Additionally, I decided to run despite the fact that I was experiencing very painful shin splints. By the end of the 5k I was near tears, trying to massage or stretch or soothe my shins in any way. It was like someone was continuously stabbing a knife into my legs. And that feeling continued for quite a while, and was revived everytime I tried to run for months after that.

And that is how I developed a fear of running. Because who wants to be stabbed in the shin?

And then my running shoes got too small (Do I have a different shoe size in the South? Was it from when they got sogging wet then dried for 3 days straight when I helped sandbag a town a few months back?), and 6:30am was just way too early to think about aerobic exercise, etc.

And now here we are. Sister Koford and I, running despite my fear of shin splints and her concern about side aches. If you wake up at 6:30am and live in our little town, you may see us slowly "jogging" down the street. Of course, I'm in my Keds, and there's a good chance that we both slept in the clothes that we are running around in. When it's 6:30am, you do what you can.

I love this video about the physical and spiritual benefits of eating well and taking care of our bodies. It references the Word of Wisdom, the health code for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but is of course applicable to any healthy lifestyle.

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