19 September 2011

Those Who Save Us

"Thee lift me, and I'll lift thee, and we'll both ascend together."

There is so much unkindness and selfishness in the world. It would be easy to think that no one cares for others anymore.

But I believe in kindness. I believe in the people who save our lives and our souls and our sanity. I believe in being kind to strangers and neighbors. I believe in kindness even when it doesn't always seem deserved.

I am grateful to the friend who brought me soup and conversation when my health and hope was at its lowest.

I am grateful for the man who, when I was a poor college student, left his change at the front desk for me, not knowing I had no money to buy my last textbook.

I am grateful to my friend from high school who, seeing a child drowning, pulled him from the water and revived him, saving his life and his parents from great grief.

I am grateful to the bystanders who saw a motorcyclists life in danger and stepped up, lifted the car that was on top of him and pulled him to safety.

I am grateful for the men and women who ran into the burning Twin Towers on that fateful September day to save the people left inside.

I believe in the greatness in everyday people. I believe in the kindness in you and me. We can save one another, in big ways and in small.

THANK YOU for the kindness you show those around you. You are someones savior. Never forget that worth (and responsibility) you hold.

Inspire us! Share your stories of kindness that you or others have shown.

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