24 September 2011

"run and not be weary" part 1

Sister Koford and I, 19 September 2011

Sister Koford suffers from unexplainable migraines. Despite adequate nightly rest, I still have moments of intense exhaustion throughout the day. After a conversation with an incredible woman this morning, we have both decided that we definitely need to add more fruits and vegetables into our diets, and concentrate on raw foods.

The woman we spoke to has lupus, and while she once was constrained to a wheel chair, then a cane, she has been able to walk on her own for a year. Over the last 1.5 months, she has become a vegan, eating about 70% raw foods each day. She says that she has more strength, fewer migraines, and just feels overall healthier-- both physically and spiritually.

These things have been on our minds lately, and so when this woman just started sharing her insights with us this morning, we decided that now was the time to put these things into practice in our own lives. For the next four weeks (or thereabouts), check back regularly to this blog and Sister Koford's blog as we record our journeys toward optimum health!

Update: Green Smoothie Progress:
Day 1: No frozen anything to put in it. Abort plan to make smoothies.
Day 2: Prepared ice cubes! But peaches, spinach, and ice just didn't cut it, and we grimiced every time we took a sip.
Day 3: We bought frozen berries! Spinach + Berries + Ice was a little bit better, but it was still missing something.

...this may take a while to get down.


B. said...

Have you heard of the Green Monster? http://greenmonstermovement.com/

Spinach + Blueberries + Banana (the key ingredient!) + Almond/hemp/rice/coconut milk + Ice

Delicious :)

Allie said...

Nice! We just tried Spinach + Frozen Berries + Blueberry Pom V8 this morning, and it was way good. We're getting the hang of it!