06 July 2011

moments that matter most

I feel like time is slipping away.

For weeks-- if not months-- my journal has been sparse. Most entries end with a sigh of exhaustion. I can't remember what has happened during the day, and by the time Monday rolls around, our designated e-mail-the-family day, I struggle to pull even one thought out of my head. 
The moment is gone, which makes me wonder,

Am I taking time to reflect on the joy I have felt here? 
Will I remember the twinkling of fireflies? 
Will I remember sitting on the porch at the end of a hard day, 
basking in the warmth of the humid air? 
Will I remember mowing front lawns, 
itching mosquito bites on my legs, 
and running down the street to escape a summer downpour? 

Will I remember the sadness I have felt as the tears of a friend stained my shoulder? 
Or the joy I have felt as someone finally recognizes divine purpose in their life?

Will I remember what matters most?

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