18 June 2011

here are women:

It's a rainy day here in Kentucky. Maybe time for some light reading? Check out these stunning women and the stories they have to tell:

Naomi, Husband, Baby Eleanor, and Kingsley make one awesome family. I think this just about sums it up: "she has lots of freckles. he wears lots of bow ties." So good! Check them out here!

NieNie's blog is simply inspiring. In 2008, she and her husband were in a terrible small airplane crash. She has since resumed blogging. Whether pre-or-post-crash, the entries share her joy of motherhood, and that joy is contagious!

I just love Angela. I love how design plays such a huge role in her life. I love how she and her husband are carving out a life for themselves. Her blog offers a little glimpse into her sweet life. I also love this guest post she did on Cardigan Empire.

Speaking of Cardigan Empire-- Reachel of Cardigan Empire was one of the writers featured in the We Are Women book. She is such a strong woman, which is very much displayed in her positive-body-image fashion blog, and through her battle with infertility. There are many aspects that I admire about Reachel, but there are two!

Another adoptive mother is Kami of the blog NoBiggie. After struggling through years of infertility, she is now the mother of two beautiful children, one of whom is adopted. She is all about the family. I love it! Check out her story here.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

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