25 April 2011

bits and pieces

I am in the process of moving from Brazil and things are a bit mad, so allow me to just share a few rad links (both old and new) with ya'all about women today. Is that alright?

Here you are!:

Wonderful, quick discussion on the relevance of feminism. This has been in the news quite a bit of late, and i love what is written here.

This is an oldie, but SUCH a goodie - the work of the absolutely amazing Dr. Hawa Abdi in Somalia. Truly, read it and be inspired.

The Smithsonian has a photostream of gorgeous women from the ages. (Thanks to my lovely friend Jordan for this one!)

Did you know about this fab new academic and social initiative out of Toronto all about motherhood advocacy? I think it is just brilliant.

Finally, on a bit sadder note, this is a profile of a woman I really admire. She's an artist and is the widow of incredible writer David Foster Wallace. I find her so refreshingly honest and forthcoming about life, death, marriage, and love.

beijos to you all,

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