14 February 2011

project 31: a women's movement

happy valentine's day!

in honor of the day of LOVE, i'm introducing a project that focuses on just that.  earlier this month, i took on a challenge over at my personal blog - a women's blogger challenge.  not being hip on the idea of blogger challenges, this was a new thing for me, but i love it already.  project31 is a challenge issued by blogger mandy at shebreathesdeeply.  she challenged women to blog for 31 days about the beauty that they individually possess.  it's an empowering movement to follow - truly.  personally, the thought of more women really accepting themselves and realizing their individual beauty through this journey gave me shivers.  i've read a few that are really taking off with the challenge and it's a beautiful thing to see.

and isn't the day of love a great day to really start loving ourselves?  the bloggers participating have been so inspirational {to me and many others}, and from my brief experience the journey of participation is life-changing.  

you can find the original challenge here.

the link-up at shebreathesdeeply is currently being reworked, but visiting mandy's blog here will hook you up with some fabulous women taking the challenge!

it's about time we all realized our individual beauty and celebrated our unique differences!

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joojierose said...

this is gorgeous and i LOVE it. fantastic idea, truly!