10 January 2011

artistic inspiration

Hello!  I'm Jessica, and I am excited to share with you some of my own thoughts on womanhood.  Although I'm currently immersed in a branch of the social sciences studying the family, I am also a lover of all things art.  One of my greatest inspirations (and favorite artists) is the renown female impressionist

Mary Cassatt.

She was born in Pennsylvania with a determination to accomplish her dreams, even if it meant traveling across the world to find a way.  After studying art as an American student, she traveled to Paris where she hoped to find further opportunities for aspiring female artists.  Although she was not permitted to study in the major art academies in Europe, her goal of becoming a career-artist was unhindered.  She applied to study privately with the masters in Paris and was accepted.  Today, Cassatt is recognized as an impressionist master.  She is truly an example of the potential and determination of women to succeed in early America.

Cassatt was prone to study the role and nature of women.  Much of her work focuses on women in the home and in society, bringing the divine nature of women to light in early media in a beautiful way.

Who is your favorite female artist?


natalie johansen said...

mine is jessica johansen ;)

Allie said...

aww :)

Jess, this is awesome. Good post!

Alicia F. said...

That is an interesting thought. I don't think I know much about female artists, but now I want to learn more!

joojierose said...

ah georgia o´keeffe practically made me the woman i am today! i love love loooove her.