04 September 2010

Pre-order the We Are Women Book (Utah Only)

How to pre-order the We Are Women book:

  • Send $10 to me through PayPal.
  • Be sure that your contact information is available when you order the book in the case that I need to contact you for any reason.
  • Attend the book release party at The Chocolate (212 South State Street, Orem, 84058) on Monday, 27 September 2010 from 6pm - 8pm and pick up your book there.
  • (Please be sure to bring your ID so I can make sure the book gets to the right person!)
Why pre-order the We Are Women book:
  • You don't have to pay shipping through lulu.com (about $3.99).
  • You save $1 off the price of the book from lulu.com ($11, but you'll get it for $10).
  • If you just show up at The Chocolate on the night-of, we may not have any more books available, so this will guarantee that you will get your book.
  • Proceeds will still go to the Campaign to End Fistula, and probably even more directly because it's going through me, and not lulu.com.
You may pre-order the book until 
Wednesday, 8 September 2010.
Please only pre-order if you will be at the 
release party in Orem, Utah on 27 September.
That's the only chance you'll have to pick it up.

The book will be available from lulu.com on Tuesday, 28 September
as a soft cover book ($11) and pdf/ebook ($7).

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