21 August 2010

Lake Poway End Fistula 5k

All photos by G.T. Barnes

We had a sweet, intimate crowd of runners/hikers who gave it their all despite the blazing sun this morning. Everyone cheered everyone on, everyone finished happily and safely, and everyone learned a little bit more about obstetric fistula. Thank you to all who took the time to come. Also, a big thanks to Erin Osmak for helping to organize the event and encouraging me to proceed even when organizing this was a bit daunting!

Tonight I am feeling a deep amount of grateful to my dear parents (see the last two pictures) who hiked in the back with extra supplies-- just in case! They also provided water, snacks, and so much support to the event and cause. I love them so much!

Check back to the blog next week!
A book release date has been set, and pre-order information will be available!

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